Delgado Community College OER Symposium

OER Symposium February 26, 2019

Keynote Speaker

Nicole Finknbeiner, Rice University, Open Stax

Nicole Finkbeiner is the Director of Institutional Relations for Rice University’s free textbook initiative, OpenStax, where she founded and runs the nationally-recognized Institutional Partner Program. She also coaches colleges and universities to effectively encourage faculty adoptions of Open Educational Resources (OER) to promote student success and faculty academic freedom. A graduate of Kellogg Community College, Western Michigan University, and Michigan State University, she worked in college relations for community colleges prior to joining OpenStax. When not promoting OER, Nicole fills her time working on civil rights issues, traveling, reading, staying healthy, and dragging her friends and family to random cultural events.

The Symposium Agenda

Delgado Community College
Tuesday, February 26th, 2019

1:00pm          Welcome     
                        Dr. William Wainwright, Interim Chancellor, Delgado Community College

1:10pm           What is Open & How Do I Find It?
                       OER Licensing & Authoring Your Work
                       Nicole Shaw, Open Educational Resource (OER) Specialist, Fletcher Technical Community College

2:00pm         Keynote Speaker
                        OER Lessons Learned from Rice University’s OER Project
                        Nicole Finkbeiner, Director, Institutional Relations, Rice University’s OpenStax

2:45 pm         Break

3:00pm         Creating open resource activities for a biology lab
                        Dr. Amanda Rosenzweig & Beverly Wiltz, Delgado Community College, Biology

3:30pm         Adult Education – A Different Perspective about Creator & Open Content
                        Erin Landry & Evan Long, Delgado Community College, Adult Education

4:00pm         The Louisiana OER Commons
                        Teri Galloway, Associate Commissioner for LOUIS

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