Math Overview

All programs of study at Delgado have general education requirements that include mathematics courses. To help students fulfill these requirements and adequately prepare them for further study or career pathways, Delgado provides a variety of services targeted to the individual needs of each student.

Developmental math courses are offered for students needing to sharpen their basic arithmetic and algebra skills before they are ready for college level courses. On the other end of the spectrum, Advanced Placement is available for students with qualifying ACT test scores. Additionally, the math tutoring lab offers supplemental assistance at no extra cost to all students enrolled in math courses.

Delgado also provides math courses specifically geared toward students majoring in Care and Development of Young Children, Teaching Grades 1-5 and in technical trades. All Delgado math courses use interactive software technology provided with their textbooks.

Mathematics courses at Delgado transfer to public four-year colleges throughout Louisiana.

Math faculty members, many of whom are very active in the Louisiana-Mississippi Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges, keep abreast of the most current teaching practices to better address student’s needs. They also have input in text and software design by working closely with various international textbook publishing companies.

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