Math Preparatory Bootcamp

What is it?  

The Delgado Math Prep Bootcamp is a free, non-credit, no penalty, online, web-based math preparation program for new and current students to prepare for upcoming 100-level Math courses. New students can possibly place in their first math course without needing an additional support course by taking a placement exam after reviewing and practing the bootcamp material. Participation in the Bootcamp is not required, but we strongly encourage students to participate in the bootcamp before the beginning of the semester.

What are the benefits?


Students may use this course to work on areas to build confidence and get prepared for Math courses for the upcoming semester without pressure.

Placement: (Saves Time and Money)

Students may use the Bootcamp course to prepare to take a Math placement test before the start of the semester to bypass supplemental corequisite Math courses and enter directly into the first college level Math course associated with their degree plans or career pathways.

How to access the Bootcamp.

If you received a Canvas e-mail invitation to join the Math Bootcamp, click the link in the email or go directly to Canvas and accept the invitation.

Or, you may request access to the Math Bootcamp by sending an email to 

To log into Canvas:

Go to:

Use your LoLA username and password to log into Canvas.

To access DCC Email as a First-Time User:

Go to:

Scroll Down to First-Time Email Users

The Fine Print:

The Delgado Math Prep Bootcamp is free, online, and self-paced. Students work through online math modules. The course is monitored by faculty to handle issues that students may have with the Canvas course site. Additionally, students will have access to the free tutoring lab if they need additional support.