The Delgado Chemistry Department provides both a primary path and foundation for talented students interested in a four-year chemistry degree. The department also provides an alternative path for the many talented students who change careers or change programs either by choice or by lack of available space in technology or nursing programs. The chemistry program includes courses to prepare first-time chemistry students for upper level chemistry courses as well as coursework equivalent to the first two years of a degree in chemistry and related fields. Courses may soon be added in Chemistry Technology to fully train students for immediate entry into the chemistry and biotechnology workforce that is growing in Louisiana.

The chemistry faculty members are actively involved in advanced cancer research and are knowledgeable of current chemistry and biochemistry technology and techniques. The recent addition of new chemistry laboratory and lecture rooms supports our current and future department growth. The new chemistry laboratory boasts high-end laboratory technology on par with any four-year college or research laboratory. The presence of this technology allows students to experience a real-world laboratory experience at a community college price.

List of Courses from the Official Catalog

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