LaACES - NASA Near-Space Environment Research Ballooning Program

The Delgado Community College LaACES Program began in 2014 and we are ready to launch the NASA Near-Space Environment Research Ballooning Program for the upcoming academic year.

We are accepting 10 to 15 students from all academic backgrounds to participate in two semester program.

Students accepted into the program will receive the following:

  • Hands on experience in the following:
    • Electronics – Basic knowledge about circuits, sensor interfacing and data acquisition.
    • Programming – How to program a microprocessor, the BASIC Stamp, how to read and store data from various sensors and interfacing devices.
    • Project Management – How to plan, manage and track the progress of a NASA project.
    • Balloon Payload Design – Facts and skills relevant to the successful development of a payload.
    • Science – Collection of a few presentations on science topics relevant to balloon payload.
  • A travel and lodging expenses paid trip to the NASA Columbia Scientific Ballooning Facility in Palestine, Texas and a daily meal stipend.

Students accepted in the program must commit to the following:

  • Complete a contract stating the student will dedicate 2 semesters to successfully complete the program.
  • Enroll in the two required laboratory courses:
    • SCIE 165 - Near-Space Environment Research I in the Fall Semester
    • SCIE 166 - Near-Space Environment Research II in the Spring Semester
  • Commit to Travel to the NASA Columbia Scientific Ballooning Facility in May.
  • WARNING - This trip may coincide with the Delgado Graduation Ceremony!

In order to be accepted into the scholarship program the student must:

  • Read the LaSPACE - LaACES Overview page.
  • Download and review the LaACES info packet.
  • Download and complete the student interest/application form and e-mail it to:
    • Raymond Duplessis ( AND Joanna Rivers (
    • E-mail Subject: LaACES
  • Receive and Acceptance Letter from Raymond Duplessis or Joanna Rivers.