Media Services

Media Services for Delgado Community College is operated via a contract with A-B Computer Solutions, Inc.

Services Provided by A-B Computer Solutions

A-B Computer Solutions will have on-site technicians who will respond to service requests associated with setting up media in classrooms, in meeting rooms, for Student Life events, etc. The technicians will ensure that the equipment is operating properly. The technicians will also assist faculty in emergency situations involving media equipment, and they will perform periodic training on the use of media equipment.

Services NOT Provided by A-B Computer Solutions

A-B Computer Solutions will not perform any repairs to equipment. A-B Computer Solutions will notify IES when repairs need to be done, and IES will perform the repairs.

A-B Computer Solutions Resource Allocation and Work Schedule

A-B Computer Solutions will provide two technicians on the City Park Campus. The technicians' work schedule is from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. In response to after hour and weekend events, A-B Computer Solutions will receive notification of these events in advance to ensure that equipment is working properly.

Other Key Information

  • All media support issues should be entered in the Delgado Community College Helpdesk System (ServiceNow).
  • Any comments or concerns regarding the quality of service should be directed to Vice Chancellor Arlanda Williams.
  • A-B Computer Solutions will be housed in the Institutional Advancement department and can be contacted at (504) 671-5671.