Program Recruitment, Outreach and Enrollment Strategies

Hold an Event
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Host your own recruitment or outreach event.

  • Determine event type and set date and time: open house, information session (Zoom or in-person), other.
  • Select options for promoting your event:
    • Through Communications, Marketing, and Public Relations:
      • Contact Leslie Salinero to design a flyer to advertise your event.
      • Contact Hilton Guidry to have your event added to the events feed on the College website and to request social media.
      • Contact Tony Cook to request an email blast sent to faculty/staff.
      • Contact Todd Taylor for photography and videography.

    • Through Recruitment and Outreach / Enrollment Services:
      • Before the event: Event registration can be set up through recruitment database. When students register for an event, they are automatically entered in the database and will receive confirmation and reminder emails before the event. Recruitment and Outreach will send the list of registrants to you the morning of the event.
      • After the event: Recruitment and Outreach can send you a list for phone call follow-ups. Or, Recruitment and Outreach can send email follow ups with next steps to enroll and track students through enrollment. Recruitment and Outreach can also send students a series of program specific emails designed by the program director/coordinator.

Have Recruitment and Outreach host a Chew and Chat event.

If you do not want to host your own event, Recruitment and Outreach can host the event for you through our Chew and Chat series. This is a 30-minute or less live event on the date/time of your choosing. Recruitment and Outreach will coordinate with CMPR to have promotional graphics created, email the student populations, and set up and run the event with you as a presenter.

Create a PowerPoint presentation and/or video.

  • Create a shorter, clean, version of your Chew and Chat presentation (no more than 10 minutes) that Recruitment and Outreach can archive on our YouTube Channel and use in email communications.
  • Create a 1-minute or less teaser video for your program that Recruitment and Outreach can use across social media platforms, in classroom presentations, and at college fairs.

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Prospect Communications

  • Prospect emails: When students complete the request for information form (RFI) and indicate a specific major they are pushed into a program-specific email campaign (can be one email before they are placed into the prospect campaign or can be multiple emails sent over a certain timeline). You will provide email content including photos and videos.
  • Prospect calls: Receive a list of students weekly (on Fridays) who completed the RFI and indicated interest in your program for phone call follow-up.

Email Campaigns to Applicant Lists

Receive a list as soon as 48 hours after students have applied and listed your program as their major for phone call follow-up. (Enrollment Services already calls applicants within 24 hours of applying to discuss financial aid/payment options and ensure all contact info is correct in the system.) Program-specific emails or application deadline countdown emails can be sent to program applicants.

Social Media

Posts about your program can be made across all Delgado social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) Content can include photos/videos/graphics such as GIFs made with Izzy the mascot, a highlight reel, or a 1-minute or less teaser video.

Website Content

Ensure the content on your program web page on the College’s website is current and engaging, as it is often a student's first exposure to your program and the College. Contact Hilton Guidry to discuss options for updating your page. Note that your program’s web page is different from your program listing in the online College Catalog. Catalog edits follow different revision and publishing regulations and any catalog content must first be vetted through the Curriculum Committee.

Blogs And Articles —

  • Financial Aid: Publishes blog article series on the financial aid process and on paying for college. Topics can be broken into chapters and used as free, value-driven collateral for prospects and applicants. Blogs can also be packaged as downloadable PDF documents so interested students can have a portable version with them.
  • Program-Specific: Publishes articles related to specific degree-programs. Can be related to available jobs and careers, employment outlook, advantages of degree and more. Can be used in emails promoting that program to prospects and applicants, or as a way to drive traffic to the Delgado website and to the specific program pages

Student Data

Enrollment Services can provide a phone list of contacts who were previously at Delgado but have not completed at Delgado or any other higher education institution. The list is approximately 16,000 students, reaches two years back and is sorted by program so that we can target your students specifically. We can also provide a list of 18,000 individuals who applied withing the last two years but did not attend college anywhere. (Recruitment and Outreach and CMPR are running marketing campaigns to these prospective students.)


Communications, Marketing, and Public relations

Tony Cook | Director

Hilton Guidry | Web Content Specialist

Leslie Salinero | Creative Services Coordinator

Todd Taylor | Photographer/Videographer

RecRuitment and Outreach

Nikki Dingle | Assistant Director