High School Document Requirements

For specific admission requirements, find the category below that best describes your admission status. A freshman applicant would fall into one of the following categories.

Home-Schooled Graduate

Home-schooled students are admitted to the college without a high school transcript. However, proof of graduation maybe requested in order to receive federal financial aid. All financial aid recipients must have completed high school or equivalate. 

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Non-High School Graduate

This information pertains to a non-high school graduate who is an applicant of at least 17 years of age, with no GED, whose high school class has graduated, or a home-schooled student whose home-school is not approved by the state or regional accrediting association, or a graduate of a non-accredited or non-state approved high school.

Delgado Community College does not require a high school transcript or GED/HiSET equivalency for admission to the college; however one is needed to obtain federal financial aid. Delgado Community College offers two options for the non-high school graduate: the Adult Basic Education Program, a free program that helps non-high school graduates attain their GED, and the Ability to Benefit Test. 

For more information about how to enroll in the Adult Education Program, call (504) 671-5434

For more information about the Ability to Benefit Test, call (504) 671-5080.

Learn more about the Adult Education Program.

Learn more about the Ability to Benefit Test.