Charity School of Nursing Academic Advising

Pre-Nursing Students

***Note: Due to the Coronavirus, Academic Advisors are following social distancing guidelines and are assisting students via email.***

City Park

Mrs. Tammy Scott
Science & Math Divisional Advisor
Located in Building 2, Room 125E

West Bank - Pre-PN

Ms. Alfreda Bell-Pilgrim
Allied Health & Pre-PN Nursing Advisor
Located in LaRocca Hall, Room 162

West Bank - Pre-RN

Ms. Gloria Baudouin
Pre-RN Nursing Advisor
Located in LaRocca Hall, Room 161

Sidney Collier

Mrs. Lillie Fleury
Academic Advisor
Located in Building 3, Room 115D

Current Charity School of Nursing Students

Once fully admitted to the program, your faculty advisor will be assigned. Information will be included in your acceptance packet. If you still have questions, please contact Charity School of Nursing’s Program Specialist or Assistant Dean.