First-Time Freshman Advising

I'm a First-Time Freshman, how do I know which English and Math courses to start in?

Delgado Community College no longer requires ACT scores for admission purposes.  However, students who do not submit current and appropriate ACT scores for college course placement will start in the college's skill-building courses.  Below are two different scenarios explaining placement options for new students.  

I have current ACT scores and want to use them for placement.

Students submitting ACT scores for placement purposes should send them electronically to either or  Students are allowed to combine multiple ACT scores and use their highest score in each subject area.  However, ACT scores over 3 years old are not accepted for placement purposes.  

Please see the chart below for the ACT score needed to place into common entry level college classes:

ACT Score College Course Placement
ENGL 110 - Intensive English Composition I
ENGL 101 - English Composition I
ENGL 102 - English Composition II
MATH 120 - Contemporary Mathematics or MATH 128 - Applied Algebra*
MATH 130 - College Algebra*
28+ MATH 221 - Calculus I*

Please consult your Academic Advisor to determine the MATH course appropriate for your major.

I do not have current and/or appropriate ACT scores for college placement.

A full-time schedule is possible for students without current or appropriate ACT scores who do not want to take the ACCUPLACER Assessment.  Students can opt to start in the college's skill-building/developmental classes listed below without test scores:

  • Academic Literacy - ALIT 099 - 5 credit hours ⇒ successful completion ("C" or better) prepares students for ENGL 101   
  • Intensive Intermediate Algebra - MATH 097 - 5 credit hours ⇒ successful completion ("C" or better) prepares students for MATH 120 or MATH 130
  • College and Career Success Skills - CCSS 107 - 3 credit hours 

How do I know which courses are required for my major?

The courses required for your major/program of study are listed in the Delgado Community College Catalog.    

For First-Time Freshman, your placement, your work and family obligations, and the program of study you want to pursue are just some of the variables that will determine your class schedule for your first semester.  Please contact your Academic Advisor to get help with mapping out your time here at Delgado and to make sure you are on The RIGHT Path.