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May 16 - 30, 2020

Delgado Community College is joining a growing number of American colleges and universities providing opportunities for intensive study between spring and fall terms. Delgado's Maymester Intersession is designed to provide students with a wide range of educational opportunities to concentrate on a single area of study or master a skill, enrich study beyond the normal curriculum, lighten fall or spring semester academic loads, accelerate academic progress, remain on schedule for graduation or begin a journey to a new career.

Prospective students must understand that Maymester Intersession course content and rigor are comparable to those of other semesters and that the short term requires intensive study. 

    • April 6th through April 15th - Registration Begins
    • May 8th – Financial Aid Deadline. All documents must be submitted to be considered for Financial Aid for Maymester Session
    • Students who have Authorized aid by the May 10th  would receive bookstore credit on May 12th
    • Students who have Authorized aid by the May 13th  would receive bookstore credit on May 15th
    • May 15– Last Day to Register at noon; Payment deadline at 4 pm 
      *** Classes With Less Than 7 Students Will Be Cancelled **
    • May 16 - Classes begin
    • Through May 18– First Day of Class; Last Day for 100% Refund
    • May 19 – Census; Last day for 50% Refund
    • May 25 – Memorial Day – No Class -
    • May 27 Last day to withdraw with a W
    • May 29 – Last day to Reinstate a course
    • May 30 – Last day of Class
    • June 1  – Final Exams
    • June 2  - Grades due at 4:30 pm

View Complete Course Listing

50006 BIOL 114 W01 Nutrition
50008 BIOL 141 W01 General Biology I (Sci Majors)
50007 BIOL 161 W01 Intro Anatomy & Physiology
50009 BIOL 210 W01 Gen Microbiology (Sci Majors)
50010 BIOL 211 W01 Microbiology: Human Pathogens
50011 BIOL 251 W01 Human Anatomy & Physiology I
50012 BIOL 252 W01 Human Anatomy & Physiology II
50001 BUSG 102 W01 Customer Service
50002 BUSG 115 W01 Starting a New Business
50021 BUSG 125 W01 Personal Finance
50003 BUSG 129 W01 Introduction to Business
50004 BUSG 210 W01 Business Ethics
50005 BUSG 224 W01 Business Computer Applications
50017 BUSG 240 W01 Business Communications
50014 CMIN 203 W01 Logic and Design I
50015 CMIN 204 W01 Fund of Info Tech & Systems
50018 ECON 202 W01 Microeconomics
50026 ENGL 101 W01 English Composition I
50027 ENGL 102 W01 English Composition II
50016 FNAR 121 W01 Introduction to Visual Arts
50013 HUMA 211 W01 Humanities I
50019 MANG 201 W01 Principles of Management
50020 MARK 201 W01 Principles of Marketing
50032 MATH 097 W01 Intensive Intermediate Algebra
50022 MATH 099 W01 Algebra Foundations II
50023 MATH 120 W01 Contemporary Math
50024 MATH 130 W01 College Algebra
50035 MATH 097 WS2 Intensive Intermediate Algebra
50036 MATH 130 WS2 College Algebra
50037 MATH 120 W02 Contemporary Math
50025 MATH 203 W01 Introductory Statistics
50030 PHIL 112 W01 Introduction to Logic
50038 PHYE 230 W01 Sport in Society
50029 PSYC 127 W01 Introduction to Psychology
50033 PSYC 290 W01 Forensic Psychology
50039 PSYC 127 W02 Introduction to Psychology
50034 SOCI 151 W01 Introduction to Sociology

Who is eligible to enroll in a Maymester Session?
Continuing and new students are encouraged to enroll in Delgado's Maymester Session. New Students must apply to the Maymester Session. 

Is a payment plan available for Maymester Session?
No. Payment plans are not available for Maymester Session. 

Can I use financial aid for Maymester Session?
Yes. All financial aid documents must be submitted by May 8. Maymester Financial aid will be part of your Summer Financial Aid award, and will affect the amount of funding available for the Summer Semester. Financial aid cannot be used at Delgado for Maymester AND be used at ANOTHER institution for the Summer payment period.

How many courses may I take during Maymester Session?
A typical full Maymester course load is one course. However, students are allowed to take a maximum of 6 credit hours during the Maymester session.

Will any academic support services be available during the Maymester Session?
Unfortunately, the tutoring facilities are closed during the Maymester Session for regular maintenance and improvements.

How can I earn the same number of credits in two weeks that usually take 16 weeks?
Intersession courses are compressed. That means that you will master the same content that usually takes much longer.  An intersession course is a serious commitment for a student. Students should expect to spend several hours a day on intersession coursework, and must adhere strictly to deadlines and timetables for completion of assignments and assessments. In a two week session, there is no time to catch up if you get behind.

When will my grades be made available?
Tuesday, June 2, 2020