Executive Summary

Delgado Community College is a multi-campus, comprehensive community college situated in urbanized areas in the Greater New Orleans region with enrollment over 15,000 students. The College serves students of all academic competency levels, including Adult Basic Education students, developmental/remedial students, degree seeking students, as well as those students who desire to transfer to four-year institutions. Given the levels of academic preparation combined with the life skills deficiencies many of our students face, the College has a need for a structured program that helps support both the academic and personal growth of its students. 

Delgado Community College’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is Realistic Individual Goals Happen Through Advising (RIGHT) Path. The RIGHT Path QEP is focused on the development of a comprehensive plan for advising that will assist students in the identification, implementation, and successful completion of educational, career, and personal goals. The purpose of the plan is to develop a system-wide approach to advising that cultivates a learning environment where students achieve realistic and attainable goals. The RIGHT Path QEP provides a systematic, proactive set of interactions and interventions that facilitate students’ achievement of educational and career goals through earning a credential, certificate or degree.  Implementation of The RIGHT Path QEP will be a strategically phased process.

During the past 10 years, following hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Isaac, Delgado Community College has faced many challenges; in particular, these include staffing levels and inadequate resources. In facing these challenges, the College has often been forced to adapt quickly and sometimes without opportunity to strategically address programs for student success to the detriment of students reaching their goals. The RIGHT Path QEP will serve as an opportunity to refocus the College’s efforts to help students achieve their goals. Recognizing that students often arrive at institutions of higher education in need of goal identification and/or clarification, The RIGHT Path QEP embeds opportunities, through the advising process, for students to engage in meaningful discussion with professional advisors. The College’s intention is that The RIGHT Path QEP will support students through the advising process and provide foundational experiences that students will be able to use throughout their lifetimes.

Delgado Community College is committed to the holistic development of students, acknowledging that skills learned through co-curricular experiences are critical to educational success. Over the past 10 years, the College has continued to note that advising was one area where improvement was needed. The results from both surveys and community dialog indicated that a systematic, proactive advising model was desired. This was reaffirmed during the process of selecting a QEP topic. During the development of the QEP, the College solidified its position that advising was the right strategy in developing a student’s ability to set and achieve goals. The College has developed strategies and timelines as well as identified resources and budget, which will ensure The RIGHT Path QEP can be effectively implemented and assessed.

The RIGHT Path QEP is closely tied to the College’s mission, strategic plan, and Louisiana (LA) 2020 goals set forth by the College’s governing education system, Louisiana’s Community and Technical Colleges. The mission of Delgado Community College is:

Delgado Community College, a comprehensive community college, offers programs through the Associate degree. The College provides a learning-centered environment through face-to-face and distance education to prepare students from diverse backgrounds to attain their educational, career, and personal goals, to think critically, to demonstrate leadership and to be productive and responsible citizens.

The mission specifically mentions that in working with our diverse student body, we are called to prepare students to attain their educational, career, and personal goals. The heart of our institution is in essence the purpose of The RIGHT Path QEP. In the process of developing our QEP, we have learned how to improve our own processes based on data. As a result, we are creating a learning environment to support student learning through broad-based engagement across the institution. We are creating a learning centered environment where students will discover how to set goals and have a clear path to achievement. Our QEP outcomes are centered on students becoming self-directed learners who can recognize, choose, and create as they move along their career path to success. We believe, by attaining their goals, our students have the capability to be productive and responsible citizens to uphold the mission of our institution. The College believes that successful implementation of The RIGHT Path QEP is essential to successfully accomplishing our mission and LA 2020 goals. The College is prepared to commit to the successful planning for, implementation, and assessment of The RIGHT Path.