Tuition Exemptions and Fee Waivers

I am in the National Guard. How do I use my tuition exemption?

Tuition exemption is NOT a GI Bill program. This is a state program for the Louisiana National Guard. To use this benefit, you must contact your full-time Unit Readiness NCO and the State Education Service Office. They will then send notification to the Delgado Community College Bursar's Office. It is YOUR responsibility to visit the Bursar's Office to have this benefit applied to your account. The VA Counselor at Delgado will not take care of this for you. More information about the program is available at the Louisiana National Guard website.

I am the dependent of a veteran. What do I need to do to use my tuition and fee waiver?

This is NOT a GI Bill benefit. Instead, this is a Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs program which entitles some dependents of disabled or deceased veterans to receive a tuition waiver. Because you have applied for the Chapter 35 GI Bill does not mean that you will automatically get this benefit. You must apply for it separately at a Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs Parish Office. Once you apply, you will receive a certificate, which you will need to present to the Delgado Community College Bursar's Office to receive your benefit. The VA Counselor will not take care of this for you. More information about the program and where to find a Parish Office is available at the Louisiana Veterans Affairs Website