How Much Does the GI Bill Pay?

The amount as well as the method of payment for GI Bill benefits can vary based upon several factors. Some of these factors include the GI Bill Chapter, number of classes for the semester, participation in a kicker program, or any outstanding debt. The base payments are available on the GI Bill website. If you participated in a kicker program, you will need to submit the proper documentation to the VA when you submit your initial application. If not, you will only receive the base amount until you have submitted the necessary proof. All of these payments come to the student, not the school. The student must make payments to the school to cover tuition and fees. This office will not hold your classes for you. You must make payments to hold your classes.

Fall and Spring Semesters (Summer is a different scale.)

 Full time   12 hours or more
 3/4 time  9 - 11 hours
 1/2 time  6 - 8 hours
 1/4 time  3 - 5 hours

Post 9/11 GI Bill

The Post 9/11 GI Bill pays out differently than all other chapters. Tuition and fees will be paid directly to the school. The student will receive a housing allowance and book stipend, which is based upon eligibility. Once you receive your award letter stating that you are eligible for the Post 9/11 GI Bill, please bring this letter to the VA Counselor's office. In order to save your classes from being purged, we will need this letter. It is important to submit this letter and your Request for Certification early. If you do not take care of this early, it may cause delays with processing and payment.