D Flow

Receive customized help with our D FLOW system!

Select the type of help you need at one of our kiosks and get a personalized D FLOW ticket showing your next step!

 Offices Using D Flow

City Park Campus

  • Answer Center
  • Admissions Office
  • Financial Aid Office

Kiosk Locations

  • Building 2, Welcome Desk
  • Student Life Center

Waiting Rooms

  • Building 2, East Circle area
  • Building 2, covered breezeway
  • Student Life Center

West Bank Campus

  • Answer Center
  • Registrar's Office
  • Advising
  • Veteran's Affairs
  • Disability Services
  • Career Services

Kiosk Location

  • LaRocca Hall, Welcome Desk

Waiting Room

  • LaRocca Hall, Room 149

Sidney Collier Campus

  • Answer Center
  • Registrar's Office
  • Advising

Kiosk Locations

  • Welcome Desk
  • Outside of Answer Center

Waiting Room

  • Student Lounge

 D Flow logo

Benefits of D Flow

  • Students get in the correct “virtual line” the first time.
  • Students get referred on arrival time, and not placed at the end of the “next” line.
  • Students wait in a relaxed environment.
  • Students avoid having to repeat complicated situations to multiple staff members; they can review case notes from your previous interactions.
  • Staff will be able to have the student’s case up and reviewed prior to the student’s arrival.
  • Staff will be able to deliver a higher level of service fully focused on the student’s case that they are working. This will allow them to evaluate all aspects of the student’s case and deliver a more comprehensive service.
  • Managers will be able to more efficiently direct resources based on the real time demand of services.
  • Managers will be able to review reports related to student service times, volume of services delivered, and staff member performance.