Welcome to our virtual wait line management system!

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Students join the line from anywhere Students wait wherever they want Students receive wait time updates Students are notified when it's their turn


Reserve your spot in line at the City Park Campus

The Qless app is available for download on Apple iOS and Android

Text the phrase below to 985-214-1806

I want to join the line at the: Text the phrase:
City Park Campus delgado cp



  • Financial Aid

  • Admissions

  • Inceptia Verification

  • Campus Tour/Information about Delgado

  • International Services

No! Visit the Quless on campus kiosk and you can add yourself to the line. From there, you will be instructed on where to wait until it is your turn. 

Text the following letter based on what you need:


Leave the line


Status Update - Provides an update of your wait time and place in line.


More Time - Request more time if you are not ready.

If you need even more time after that, you can reply with "M" again along with the number of minutes you need. 


If you missed your turn, you will have the option to rejoin the line within 15 minutes of receiving the alert.


Help - Get additional assistance with QLess.

Please note: This option is only available if you joined the line with your phone number.

QLess does not sell or allow numbers to be spammed by QLess or any 3rd parties. For more information, please see the QLess Privacy Policy