Apply for Financial Aid


At Delgado Community College, students are encouraged to carefully explore all financial aid options. The FAFSA is available 

The Financial Aid Process

Step One - Create FSA ID

Create your FSA ID if you have not already created one. 

Step Two - Complete FAFSA

Complete the Free Application For Federal Aid (FAFSA) online.

  • The Delgado Community College school code  is 004626.

  • FAFSA should be completed 6 months before the semester begins.

  • For FAFSA help, call 1-800-438-5490 or (985) 549-2955.

  • Allow 7 days for Delgado Community College to receive your FAFSA.

Step Three - Review Your Financial Aid

Step Four - Accept Award Offer

Step Five - Check Authorized Aid

Verify that you have authorized aid.

  • Used to secure your classes, and

  • Possible use of the bookstore credit - make sure you have completed the Title IV Authorization form

Step Six - Wait for Disbursement

  • Disbursement occurs after Census Date

  • Information about disbursement will be posted to the student's LoLA account.

  • Tuition, fees, and (if applicable) bookstore charges will be paid.

  • If funds are left over, they will move into the refund phase.

Step Seven - Receive Refund

  • The refund is remaining balance of financial aid after tuition, fees, and bookstore charges are deducted from the award offer.

  • Select refund options via BankMobile. Lean more about refunds.

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