Job-Readiness Workshops

Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

  • Defining what is exceptional Customer Service
  • Why Customer Service is important
  • Customer Service Nuggets to remember
  • Understanding the Core Principles of Customer Service
  • The 8 Essential Customer Service Skills

Interview Skills

  • Do’s and Don’ts for Interview Attire (male and female)
  • Review of Job Interview Checklist
  • How to effectively present yourself to an employer.
  • Questions to expect in an interview and questions to ask
  • How to ask touchy interview questions
  • Tips on how not to get flustered during an interview

 Resume Writing/Job Search Tips

  • Core tips for an outstanding resume
  • Identifying the different types of resumes and when to use them
  • Cover Letters and References – composing an effective cover letter and identifying references.
  • Identifying Barriers to Employment.
  • Setting Work-Related Goals.
  • Application Tips – (paper and online)
  • Using a job application worksheet.
  • Creating a job search check list.
  • What I should do before I start my job search.
  • Things to do to enhance my job search.

 Workplace Communication/Teamwork

  • Characteristics of a Good Team / Roles of Team Members
  • Teams on the Job / Workplace Communication in Teams
  • Understanding Workplace Culture
  • Appropriate Language and Behavior
  • Social Manners