College Administration:

-Chancellor's Office
-Business and Administrative Affairs
-Academic Affairs
-Student Affairs  
-Workforce Development and Technical Education
-Institutional Advancement

Campus Administration:

-City Park Campus Administration
-West Bank Campus Administration
-Charity School of Nursing Administration
-Delgado Northshore Administration

*Information provided is subject to change. Please submit information updates to Hilton Guidry,

Chancellor's Office  

Joan Y. Davis
Phone: (504) 762-3000

Traci Smothers
Executive Assistant to the Chancellor/
EAEO/ADA Compliance Officer
Phone: (504) 762-3004

Monica Courtiade
Administrative Assistant 5
Phone: (504) 762-3000  

Ronald Doucette
Chief of Police
Phone: (504) 671-5475

Thomas Lovince
Assistant Vice Chancellor/ Chief Information Officer
Phone: (504) 671-5627

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 Business and Administrative Affairs       

Ronnie Rodriguez
Vice Chancellor for Business and Administrative Affairs
Phone: (504) 762-3005 

Anne Van Winkle
Administrative Program Specialist A
Phone: (504) 762-3005

Steven H. Cazaubon
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Financial Services
Phone: (504) 762-3050 

Matthew Altier
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Facilities and Planning
Phone: (504) 671-5538 

Rodney Johnson
Assistant Vice Chancellor/ Controller
Phone: (504) 762-3009

Carla Major
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources and Professional Development
Phone:  (504) 762-3003

Karen Laiche
Policy/Accreditation Specialist
Phone: (504) 671-6355

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Academic Affairs       

Harold Gaspard
Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and College Provost
Phone: (504) 671-5420 

Yvette Alexis
Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Phone: (504) 671-5420

Lester Adelsberg
Dean, Communication
Phone: (504) 762-3224

Harold Gaspard
Dean, Allied Health
Phone: (504) 671-6201

Thomas Gruber
Dean, Science and Mathematics
Phone: (504) 671-6480

Patrice Moore
Dean, Arts & Humanities
Phone: (504) 671-6535 

Cheryl E. Myers
Executive Dean and Dean of Nursing
Charity School of Nursing
Phone: (504) 571-1290

Warren Puneky
Dean, Business & Technology
Phone: (504) 671-6100 

Jennifer Daly
Executive Director, Research and Planning
Phone: (504) 762-3260

Melissa LaCour
Dean, Distance Learning & Instructional Technology
Phone: (504) 671-6219

Timothy R. Stamm
Interim Dean, Library Services/ Executive Director, Curriculum and Program Development/
SACS-COC Accreditation Liaison
Phone: (504) 671-5482

Maria E. Cisneros
College Registrar
Phone: (504) 671-5603

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Student Affairs   

Arnel Cosey
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs/ Executive Dean, City Park Campus
Phone: (504) 671-5055

Monique Cola
Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs/ Executive Dean
Phone: (504) 671-5055 

Gwen A. Boutte
College Director, Admissions & Enrollment Services
Phone: (504) 671-5091

Tania Carradine
Director, Advising and Testing
Phone: (504) 671-5155

Theresa Degruy
Director of Student Support Services
Phone: (504) 671-5041

Michelle Greco
Director, Student Life/ Answer Center
Phone: (504) 671-6001

Rhonda King
Director, Office of Student Financial Assistance
Phone: (504) 671-5051 

Joe Scheuermann
Director, Athletics/ Head Men's Baseball Coach
Phone: (504) 671-5452

Mark Sims
Director, Veterans Upward Bound Program
Phone: (504) 671-5390

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Workforce Development & Technical Education

Larissa Littleton-Steib
Vice Chancellor for Workforce Development and Technical Education
Phone: (504) 671-6488

Barbara Waiters
Director, Community and Economic Development
Phone: (504) 671-6733

Rick Schwab
Senior Director
Marine, Fire, Radar, and Industrial Training Facility
Phone: (504) 671-6626

Rachelle Matherne
Assistant Director, Continuing Education
Phone: (504) 671-6474

Lesha Coulon
Assistant Dean/ Site Manager - Delgado Jefferson Site
Phone: (504) 671-6700 

Kiedra Williams
Site Manager - Delgado West Jefferson Site
Phone: (504) 671-6800 

Ed VanAvery
Executive Director, Advanced Manufacturing
(504) 671-5631

Laura Ditta
Administrative Specialist, Vice Chancellor’s Office
(504) 671-6488

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Institutional Advancement

Stanton F. McNeely, III
Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement
(504) 671-5412

Cynthia Jones
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (504) 671-5412

Tony Cook
Director of Public Relations and Marketing
Phone: (504) 671-5478

Hilton Guidry
Phone:(504) 671-5562

Leslie Salinero
Publications Coordinator
Phone:(504) 671-5473

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City Park Campus Administration

Arnel Cosey
Executive Dean, City Park Campus/ Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Phone: (504) 671-5055

Monique Cola
Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs/ Executive Dean
Phone: (504) 671-5055  

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West Bank Campus Administration     

Kristine Strickland
Executive Dean, West Bank Campus
Phone: (504) 762-3110 

Fernanza Gilmore
Assistant to the Executive Dean, West Bank Campus
Phone: (504) 762-3110 

Rhonda King
Director, Office of Student Financial Assistance
Phone: (504) 671-5051

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Charity School of Nursing Administration 

Cheryl E. Myers
Executive Dean/ Dean of Nursing
Phone: (504) 571-1290

Stacey Thompson
Executive Assistant to the Executive Dean
Phone: (504) 571-1330

Gwen B. Beter
Dean, Administrative Affairs
Phone: (504) 571-1333

Joan Hodge
Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs
Phone: (504) 571-1369  

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Delgado Northshore Administration 

Ashley Chitwood
Executive Dean, Delgado Northshore
Phone: (504) 671-6603 

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