Student Fees

Legal or Governing Board Authority Reference for the following Student Fees:

Legislatively Mandated Fees (Fees Required by Law to Be Paid by All Students*):

Academic Excellence Fee (L.R.S. Reference)

Building Use Fee (L.R.S. Reference)

Non-Resident Fee (L.R.S. Reference) - *For Non-Resident Students Only

Operational Fee (L.R.S. Reference)

LCTCS Fees (Fees Imposed by Delgado's Management Board to Be Paid by All Students*):

Enterprise Resource Planning Fee (Board Reference)

Student Services Fee (Board Reference)

Excess Credit Hour Fee (Board Reference) - *For Students Enrolled in Excess Credit Hours Only

Delgado-Imposed Fee (Authorized by LCTCS Policy)

Access Fee (Board Reference)

Authority Reference for the following Self-Assessed Student Fees:

Self-Assessed Student Fees (Fees Imposed on All Students by Student Vote): 

Charity School of Nursing Activity Fee

Student Government Association (SGA) Fee

Student Life Center Fee

Student Technology Enhancement Program (STEP) Fee (L.R.S. Reference)

--- Ratified by Student Vote

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