Science Teacher Technology Training (ST3) Completes Successful Summer Programs

July 31, 2018

Summer 2018, one-day, Science Teacher Technology Training (ST3) microscopy workshops at Delgado Community College have come to an end. July 10 was the final workshop and it consisted of 7th and 8th grade teachers from 10 schools and five parishes--Ascension, Jefferson, Livingston, Orleans and Terrebonne. “Women in science” was the ongoing theme.

“My experience working with K-8 teachers has surpassed all expectations,” said Dr. Amanda Rosenzweig, director of Science Teacher Technology Training and Biology Department chair at Delgado. “The teachers are advocates for students to develop understandings and skills necessary to be productive science citizens and problem-solvers. They are trying to include science as a daily part of life.”

On July 16-19, Science Teacher Technology Training (ST3) hosted a workshop for the NSF ATE 2018 Stem Cell Teacher Academy at Delgado. The workshop is a collaborative effort to expand the ST3 impact under Dr. Rosenzweig.  ST3 involves classroom laboratory experiences focused on general biology curriculum aligned with NGSS--Next Generation Science Standards. Participating teachers learn and practice strategies to manage resources, students, procedures and routines for effective delivery of science content. The teachers develop instruction that supports the practice and the delivery of the content as well as cognitive and social support of their students. 

The goal of the ST3 is to help teachers become more comfortable with science content and the use of scientific hardware by providing training in the proper use of science equipment, Rosenzweig said.

The Emerging Stem Cell Technologies Academy is a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded project (Division of Undergraduate Education Award #1501553) designed to provide hands-on experiences and instructional training necessary for teachers to incorporate stem cell technologies into their own classrooms. The Academy is taught by a team of nationally recognized biotechnology educators led by Dr. Thomas Tubon and Dr. Robert DelVecchio. 

science teachers at Delgado
Pictured, from left. Front row: Dru Troescher, Karrie Dryden, Wendy Delgado. Back row: Nicole Watts, Jennifer Lawson, Kim Kinchen. The 7th and 8th grade science teachers are from Ascension, Jefferson, Livingston, Orleans and Terrebonne parishes.