Award Offer

Congratulations! Now that you have been awarded financial aid, it is important that you view your award offer. We are here to help you have an understanding of the funds being awarded to you and help plan for your future.


  • The Pell Grant awarded in LoLA is based on full-time enrollment. If you are not enrolled full-time at the census date, your Pell Grant will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Students are required to enroll in a minimum of 6 credit hours for Federal Student Loans. Before you accept any loan please visit the National Student Loan Data System website to review your total debt and loan amount. Loans must be paid back to the Federal Government beginning six months after you drop below six credit hours. Students are required to enroll in a minimum of six credit hours.

Find out more about types of aid.

Follow these steps to view your award offer in LoLA

  1. Select Financial Aid
  2. Select Award for Aid Year
  3. Select Accept under Terms and Conditions
  4. Select Accept Award Offer - *Please make sure that all requirements are met!*

Your Pell Grant is automatically accepted for you, but if you are interested in student loans, you will need to make a decision. 

For more information about the entire enrollment process, visit the Start Right Enrollment Checklist.

Follow these steps to register for classes in LoLA

  1. Click on Delgado Community College under Self-Service.
  2. Select Student.
  3. Select Registration.
  4. Select Add/Drop/Withdraw Classes.
  5. Select Term then Class Search.
  6. Check the box to the right for your desired course.

Campus Codes

City Park (FA); Charity School of Nursing (FB); West Bank (FC); Jefferson (FD); Sidney Collier (FI); Online (FX)

Why choose Delgado?

 Are my Classes Secured?

  • Delgado will authorize your financial aid award to secure your classes.
  • Once your Financial Aid has been authorized, you should see a credit balance.
  • Financial Aid will not disburse to your account until after Census Day.

Learn more about how to secure classes if you choose to pay out of pocket for tuition and fees.