Delgado Access Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Access Fee cover?

At the conclusion of all phases, the fee will cover:

  • Bike Shelters
  • Parking Decals
  • Safe Walk Escorts
  • Shuttle Transportation

The $75 charge is assessed to all credit students (excluding Dual Enrollment and Cross Enrollment students) in the fall and spring semesters. The fee for the summer session is $50. The maximum amount charged to students in one academic year will not exceed $150. 

Will my financial aid cover the fee?

Yes, financial aid will cover the fee. 

What if I withdraw before classes begin? Will I be reimbursed this fee?

The fee will be adjusted during the 100% Tuition Adjustment Period, but will not be adjusted after that time.   

I do not ride a bike to campus, drive, or use public transportation. Why do I have to pay the fee?

This fee will be used to support the College’s ongoing effort to support transportation and access needs in a phased-in approach. We invite you to submit your feedback by filling out our suggestion form

Does having a parking decal guarantee me a parking spot on campus?

No. A parking decal only indicates that you are authorized to park on Delgado campuses and sites. The College cannot guarantee there will be available parking spots at any given time. 

Will there still be designated parking spots for faculty and staff?

Yes. The College does designate specific parking locations for faculty and staff on campuses and sites. Faculty and staff parking spots are indicated with white lines although they may also park in student spaces. Students should only park between yellow lines. See Parking Regulations.

How do I register a vehicle?

If you did not attend Delgado in the fall but have enrolled for the spring, you will need to register your vehicle to obtain a student decal for the spring semester at no additional cost. To register a vehicle, see the Delgado Online Parking Portal.

If I registered my vehicle in the fall semester, do I register my vehicle again for the spring? 

No, if you attended Delgado and registered a vehicle in the fall, the decal you received in the fall will be activated for the same vehicle once you enroll for the spring semester. You do not have to register your vehicle again for the spring unless you change vehicles. To register a different vehicle, see the Delgado Online Parking Portal.

Are Dual Enrollment and Cross Enrollment students eligible to receive any of the services offered through this fee?

Dual Enrollment and Cross Enrollment students may use the bike shelters and can also call for a Safe Walk escort. Because these students are not assessed the Access Fee, they are unable to use the shuttle service. Dual Enrollment and Cross Enrollment students may register a vehicle for the semester for $30. To register a vehicle see the Delgado Online Parking Portal