Probation and Suspension FAQs

How many hours can I take if I’m placed on academic probation?

While on academic probation you are allowed to enroll in a maximum of 13 hours if placed on probation during a fall or spring semester and 7 hours during a summer session. 

What’s the quickest way to get off of academic probation?

Once you have been placed on academic probation, you must raise your cumulative GPA to at least a 2.0 in order to revert back to good academic standing. The quickest way to accomplish this is by repeating courses that you’ve made a “D” grade or repeating courses that you’ve failed. 

Will being placed on academic suspension affect my financial aid?

Unfortunately, it does affect your financial aid. Students on academic suspension are not eligible to receive any type of federal funding for school.  

Is there someone I can talk to specifically about academic suspension?

Yes! The Office of Advising & Testing is staffed with professionals who can help you understand your academic standing, explain your options, and point you in the right direction.