LGBT Resources and Information

We, at Delgado Community College, value:LGBTQ icon (heart with colors)

  • The worth of each individual
  • Lifelong learning and the pursuit of knowledge
  • Excellence in teaching in an accessible learning centered environment
  • Meeting the needs of a changing workforce
  • The cultural diversity of our students, faculty, staff, and administration
  • Public trust, and personal and professional integrity and accountability
  • Our responsibility to community, state, nation, and world

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Resources for LGBT Students

LGBT Community Center of New Orleans


Gender and Sexualities Alliance (GSA)

Campus Pride

College Campus Guide for LGBTQ Students

Trans Lifeline

Financial Resources for the LGBTQ Community

Money Geek Financial Resources

Funders for LGBTQ Issues (Non-profit Organization)

Scholarships for LGBT Students

Campus Pride Listings Listings Listings