City of New Orleans Small Business Training Program Registration and Assessment Form

General Information
Please select your service type.
Please select your business structure.
Does your business have a Federal Tax ID Number?
Is your business registered to do business in the State of Louisiana?
Does your business have an Occupational License?
Does your business employ more than three full-time employees?
Has your business successfully completed five or more contracts as a prime contractor or subcontractor?
Is your business bonded and/or insured?
Does your business follow a defined set of procedures in its strategic planning process?
Does your business have a written mission statement?
Does your business have written long-term and short-term goals?
Does your business decide its strategic plan(s) based on feasibility and risk/return criteria?
Areas of Leadership
Do you have a clear one, three, and five-year vision for your company?
Have you identified measurable goals that support your company's vision?
Is your business certified as a State and Local Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (SLDBE)?
Is your business certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) minority business enterprise (MBE) through the Louisiana Unified Certification Program (LAUCP)?
Does your business hold any other certifications?