Delgado Pride News Radio Show Archive

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Criminal Justice

Learn about Delgado's Criminal Justice Program as we welcome Dr. Daryl Hippensteel & students Billy Murray, Nicole Cohee & Belinda Hill.

Automotive Program

Learn about the automotive programs, women’s leadership speaker series & graduation process with our guests Samantha Candler, Chris McDonald, Bobbie Fontenot & Vicky Myers.

Fab Lab & Music Department

Learn about Delgado's Fab Lab & The Music Department on Delgado Pride News at 1:30 p.m. today, featuring faculty, staff, students

Medical Assistant Training & Biology Program

Learn about YOST clinical medical assistant training with Erin Rogers & biology programs with Dr. Amanda Rosenzweig.

Baseball Program & Writing Center

Learn about Delgado's baseball program with Coach Joe Scheuermann and the writing center.

Fine Arts & Honors Programs

Learn about Delgado's latest art exhibit, honors program, and Single Stop tax prep services.

Radiation and Physical Therapy Programs

It's "Therapy Thursday" featuring Delgado's Radiation Therapy and Physical Therapy Assistant programs with Robin Wegener and Susan Welsh.

Volunteers of America

Lindsey Jakiel-Diulus and John Sillars from the Volunteers of America SELA join us to talk about the available services that can assist the Delgado community.

Cloud Computing & Health Coach Training

Learn all about Delgado’s new cloud computing programs with Claude Richard and health coach training with Dana Smith.


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