College Administration

Larissa Littleton-Steib
Phone: (504) 762-3000

Malene Arnaud-Davis
Interim Executive Assistant to the Chancellor
Phone: (504) 762-3062

Lucy Cornelius
Chancellor’s Office Administrator and Liaison
Phone: (504) 762-3000

Traci Smothers
Title IX Coordinator
Phone: (504) 762-3004

Angela Camaille
Interim Chief Information Officer
Phone: (504) 671-5627

Carla Major
Chief Human Resources Officer/Equal Access Equal Opportunity Officer
Phone:  (504) 762-3003

Barbara A. Waiters
Chief Communications, Advancement, and Strategic Initiatives Officer
Phone: (504) 762-3023

Cheryl E. Myers
Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs/College Provost
Phone: (504) 671-5420

Ronald Russo
Vice Chancellor for Business and Administrative Affairs
Phone: (504) 762-3066

Arlanda J. Williams
Vice Chancellor for Workforce Development
Phone: (504) 671-6488

Ronald Russo
Vice Chancellor for Business and Administrative Affairs
Phone: (504) 762-3066

Anne Van Winkle
Classified WAE
Administrative Program Specialist A
Phone: (504) 762-3005

Monica Courtiade
Administrative Assistant 5
Phone: (504) 762-3066  

Carmel Johnson
Administrative Assistant 4
Phone: (504) 762-3009

Duriel Hayes
Executive Director, Accounting Services/Associate Controller
Phone: (504) 762-3019

Sandra Joseph
Budget Manager
Phone: (504) 762-3064

Karen Laiche
Policy/Accreditation Specialist
Phone: (504) 671-6355

Amy Laszcz
Executive Director, Financial Services/Associate Controller
Phone (504) 671-5456

Warren Riley
Director, Campus Police
Phone: (504) 671-5475

Jim Royer
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Facilities and Planning
Phone: (504) 671-5477 

Joseph Scheuermann
Director, Athletics/Head Men's Baseball Coach
Phone: (504) 671-5452

Cheryl E. Myers
Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs /College Provost
Phone: (504) 671-5420

Harold Gaspard
Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs /Dean, Allied Health 
Phone: (504) 671-6200

Theresa DeGruy
Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs// Executive Dean, Sidney Collier Site // Executive Director, Academic Success Initiatives
Phone: (504) 941-8500

Tammy Scott
Office Manager
Phone: (504) 671-5420

Peter Cho
Executive Dean, West Bank Campus
Phone: (504) 671-6160

Cristina Alvarado-Suarez
Dean, Construction Arts and Technical Studies

Emily Cosper
Dean, Liberal Arts, Social Sciences, and Education
Phone: (504) 671-6323

Elizabeth Duett
Dean, School of Business
Phone: (504) 671-6160

Raymond Duplessis
Dean, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
Phone: (504)-671-6419

Joan Ellis
Dean, Nursing
Phone: (504) 571-1290

Timothy R. Stamm
Dean, Library Services/SACSCOC Accreditation Liaison
Phone: (504) 671-5482

Emily Clay
Interim Director, Instructional Technology, Support, and Professional Development
Phone: (504) 671-6389

Maria E. Cisneros
College Registrar
Phone: (504) 671-5603

Jessica Mire
Interim Manager, Carl Perkins & Hilton Career Pathways
Phone: (504) 761-5464

Shawn Loht
Research Manager
Phone: (504) 671-5055

Coordinator, Assessment and Planning

Angelle Havá
Director, Adult Education
Phone: (504) 671-5071

Kendrick Johnson
Coordinator, Dual Enrollment
Phone: (504) 671-5035

Rosaria Guastella
Director, Curriculum and Program Development
Phone: 504-671-5296

Cheryl E. Myers
Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs/ College Provost
Phone: (504) 571-1290

Tamika Duplessis
Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs 
Phone: (504) 671-5051 / (504) 941-8500

Michelle Greco
Director, Enrollment Management
Phone: (504) 671-6001

Nichole Labat
Director, Student Financial Assistance
Phone: (504) 671-5053

Stacey Robertson
Director, Student Life/Support
Phone: (504) 671-6437

Arlanda J. Williams
Vice Chancellor for Workforce Development
Phone: (504) 671-6488

Traci Smothers
Associate Vice Chancellor for Workforce Development
Phone: (504) 762-3004

Kelvin Gipson
Manager, IT Program
Phone: (504) 671-6651

Koren Thornton
Administrative Assistant 5
Phone: (504) 671-6488

Ernest Frazier
Director, Advanced Manufacturing

(504) 342-3405

David Payton
Executive Director, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses
Phone: (504) 671-6445

Rick Schwab
Senior Director, Marine, Fire, Radar, and Industrial Training Facility/Interim Director, Advanced Manufacturing 
Phone: (504) 671-6626

Kim Tubre
Director, Continuing Education/Community and Economic Development
Phone: (504) 671-6465

Randi Hufft
Administrative Assistant 3
Phone: (504) 671-6706

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