Office of Safety and Risk Management

The Delgado Community College Office of Safety and Risk Management serves to collaborate with the campus community, identify and assess risk, increase safety and decrease potential loss while advancing the mission of the college.  This is accomplished by:

  •  Understanding the safety needs and priorities of the college community;
  •  Developing materials and resources to provide guidance to the college community;
  •  Providing education through training and assessments; and
  •  Assisting the campus community with regulatory compliance by identifying opportunities to improve the safety of  the campus community.

Your safety matters! If you have a safety concern, report it!


Legislation establishing the Office of Risk Management (ORM) and the Loss Prevention (LP) Unit (R.S. 39:1543) calls for a comprehensive loss prevention program (“plan”) for implementation by all state Departments. To comply with existing statutes, departments shall develop individual safety plans and ensure that the plans are implemented. (See Title 37, Insurance in the Louisiana Register.) These rules require that each state Agency, board and commission with more than 15 employees shall implement an operational loss prevention plan to protect employees from injury.

Annual Loss Prevention Audit or Compliance Review (CR)

All state agencies and facilities shall be audited every three years by the Loss Prevention Unit concerning implementation of their loss prevention plan (Act 11, Extraordinary Session 1998, R.S. 39:1543).  During the non-audit years a compliance review shall be conducted by a Loss Prevention Officer.  Compliance with these rules is one factor in determining the insurance premium paid by the Agency in the next fiscal year.  See Title 37, Insurance in the Louisiana Register.

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