Student Learning and Assessment

The goal of assessment at Delgado Community College is to relate improvements to learning, curricula, instruction, and process efficiency. Each assessment cycle is documented through an annual reporting and feedback process conducted by all units of the College.

Each unit's assessment plan uses the Strategic Plan's directives and commitments to create assessment goals. At the end of the cycle, goals are measured and improvements are made, again, using the Strategic Plan as a guide.

The Assessment and Planning team works with academic student support and administrative units to ensure our Strategic Plan's directives and commitments provide assessment data. The Assessment and Planning team, along with the College Council, encourage assessments to use authentic questions about student learning, to grow their curricula and programs, and to ensure administrative units are operating in an effective manner related to continuous improvement.

Delgado Community College has a well-defined and structured approach to student learning and assessment.

Assessment Cycle and Reporting: Delgado Community College follows an assessment cycle that involves annual reporting and feedback.

Alignment with Strategic Plan: Assessment plans at Delgado are aligned with the directives and commitments of the College's Strategic Plan. This ensures that assessment data is utilized to create goals and measure improvements in accordance with the overall strategic vision of the institution.

Academic Affairs and College Leadership Involvement: The Assessment and Planning team collaborates with Academic Affairs and college leadership to ensure that assessment efforts focus on continuous improvement. 

Emphasis on Authentic Assessment: Delgado Community College encourages the use of authentic questions about student learning in assessments. Authentic assessment methods help to gauge students' real-world knowledge and skills, making it easier to identify areas for improvement in the curricula and programs.

Looking at Student Achievement: The College places importance on evaluating student achievement across various courses and programs. This comprehensive assessment approach helps to identify strengths and weaknesses in the educational offerings, leading to informed decisions for growth and development.

Overall, this approach to assessment shows our commitment to continuous improvement and ensuring that the College meets its educational goals. By using assessment data effectively, Delgado Community College can enhance the learning experience for its students and improve the quality of its academic programs.