Chancellor's Message

Welcome to the second century of Delgado Community College. I am proud to be a part of this historic educational institution. We are built upon a solid foundation, and we are strong and agile and ready for the next 100 years.Chancellor Steib Headshot

As an institution, we spend quality time, every five years, on self-reflection and analysis. In doing so, we look at our past goals—those we’ve accomplished and those we have not. We include recent technological advancements and social changes in our calculations. We examine the state of education in our community and in the world. And, in the end, we set our sights on new goals for ourselves.

Then, we start all over again.

This is the process of creating a strategic plan. Strategic planning is an exercise. And, as with every exercise we do, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. In fact, some would say that success is not finishing an exercise but doing it. That is when you realize that every step you take is success. Your goal becomes taking the next step with intention and with purpose. That is where we find ourselves at Delgado Community College—in a state of constant change. The theme of this five-year Strategic Plan is “Our Future, Together.” Our future is a moving target. I will continue to lead this institution toward it with intention and purpose.

Our goal—our next step and our North Star—is to provide the finest quality education. This plan is our commitment to this charge.

As we move forward with our 2023-2028 plan, we will stay true to our Mission, Vision, and Values. I invite you to join us as we create opportunities for a new generation of students and plan our future, together.

Larissa Littleton-Steib, Ph.D.
Chancellor, Delgado Community College