Directive 1: Projects

First-Year Experience (FYE): This project strives to deliver support, communication, programs, initiatives,
and services to increase engagement and sense of belonging for new students. It is our belief that the
more the student feels that Delgado is committed to them, the more successful they will be.

Modernized New Student Orientation: All new students must participate in orientation where, with the
assistance of an advisor, they will identify educational goals, schedule courses for their first semester,
and build an academic plan that includes checkpoints and milestones.

Student-Centered Success Programs: Understanding the unique needs of the historically underrepresented students we serve, Delgado embraces its diverse student population and invests in programs to support students in their academic pursuits.

The SMART program, Single Moms Accessing Resources Timely, focuses on supporting single mother learners on their journey to attainment of credentials of value and college completion.

Bringing Adults Back utilizes a case-management approach and wraparound services to support adult learners, particularly those coming back to college.

Delgado’s work with Complete College America helps provide institutional support to create academic maps, especially for programs offering stackable credentials, presenting students with clear pathways to degree completion.