Directive 3: Projects

Student Affairs Reorganization: Student Affairs services have traditionally operated in silos, causing barriers for our student populations. A student-centered design integrating cross-functional processes will enable continuous improvement, further enabling our students to achieve equitable outcomes.

Strategic Course Scheduling: The College’s implementation of course scheduling software will foster a dynamic scheduling model responsive to students’ needs with interactive curriculum mapping. This scheduling software will increase student achievement by eliminating misinformed scheduling choices and encouraging completion of courses in the right order for credential attainment.

Integrated Credit, Non-Credit, and Dual-Earned Credit System: Delgado anticipates the common currency of credentialing to collapse the artificial barriers between credit and non-credit credentials. We will support the integrated system for credit, non-credit, workforce, and adult basic education to provide easy access for cross-referencing dual-earned credit for academics, workforce, and industrybased certifications.