Strategic Goal One: Student Success

Goal I-A Create a Culture of Completion


I-A.1 Reduce barriers to student access to lifelong learning
I-A.2 Increase opportunities for concurrent and dual enrollment
I-A.3 Utilize articulation agreements as recruiting tools
I-A.4 Promote lifelong learning and provide career advancement strategies for students
I-A.5 Identify and address barriers to student completion

Goal I-B Embrace Excellence in Teaching and Learning


I-B.1 Become a statewide leader in innovative developmental education
I-B.2 Enhance programs to ensure employability of graduates
I-B.3 Enhance programs to ensure meaningful transferability to four year institutions
I-B.4 Embrace innovative, data-driven instructional design in all educational programs
I-B.5 Ensure professional development opportunities align with strategic priorities
I-B.6 Expand professional development opportunities for faculty and staff
I-B.7 Continue to strengthen access to instructional technology in all learning

Goal I-C Ensure Student Success


I-C.1 Ensure that all members of the College community provide effective, quality services
to our students
I-C.2 Expand advising resources to improve student access, persistence, and completion
I-C.3 Support the College’s RIGHT Path Initiative