Strategic Goal Two: Community Engagement

Goal II-A Develop the Emerging Workforce


II-A.1 Be a driving force for economic and workforce development
II-A.2 Because the College is an integral part of the community, recognize and encourage employee involvement and participation in the region
II-A.3 Strengthen existing and develop new relationships between industry partners, academic programs, and workforce initiatives
II-A.4 Develop innovative ways to deliver training, certification and educational programs in high demand occupations
II-A.5 Expand capacity in programs that lead to high demand occupations

Goal II-B Create a Unified Vision


II-B.1 Craft a clear identity for the College and embed it within a comprehensive branding strategy II-B.2 Highlight our institution’s successes to showcase progress and improvements
II-B.3 Develop a marketing and recruitment plan that includes a diverse group of both faculty and staff and develops rich relationships
II-B.4 Ensure facilities are safe and a good reflection of the College