Employment Process Procedures and Forms

Employment Process Policy (HR-2122.5) 
Policy regarding the general requirements and responsibilities during the employment process.

Employment Procedures

Human Resources Processes and Procedures - (Procedures for Personnel Transactions: Onboarding, Separations, Transfers, Classification/Salary Changes, etc.)

Staff Hiring At A Glance - (Quick List of Procedures for Each Step in Staff Hiring Process)

Delgado Hiring Process- Fill Vacancy Flowchart

Employment Forms

Position Control Form (Form 2200/001) - Form Used to Request New Position. Proposed Job Description and Departmental Organizational Chart Must Be Attached. 

Unclassified Faculty/Staff Position Description Form (Form 2200/005) - Position Description Form Used for Unclassified Faculty and Staff

Personnel Action Form (Form 2200/002) - Form Used for All Personnel Transactions, Including Hiring, Separations, Transfers, Classification/Salary Changes, etc.

New Employee Quick Start Guide - Guide for New Hires with Information on: Email Access, LoLA Access, First Pay Check, W-2s, ID Card, Parking Permit, and Links to Employee Handbook, Delgado Policies, LCTCS Policies and Civil Service Rules

Adjunct/ Part-Time New Hire Packet - Important Information and Forms Required by Human Resources Office for Adjunct/ Part-Time New Hires:   Part I 'FORMS'   and Part II 'IMPORTANT INFORMATION'.

Full-time New Hire Packet - Important information and Forms Required by Human Resources Office for Full-time New Hires:
New Hires:  Part I 'FORMS'   and Part II 'IMPORTANT INFORMATION'.

Employment Forms Required by Civil Service

Classified Full-Time Position Description (Word)

Classified Part-Time WAE Position Description (Word)

Exemption from the Classified Service - Request (Part-Time Unclassified)

Verification of Employment Form (For Classified Salary Classifications)