Ford ASSET student wins SkillsUSA Gold Medal Two years in a row

May 03, 2024

Delgado Ford ASSET student Conner Thibodeaux has won the gold medal two years in a row at the annual SkillsUSA LA Automotive Service Technology competition. Thibodeaux competed against 14 other students from four other LCTCS schools in Alexandria, LA on April 16 before receiving the award.  

Delgado’s automotive program has been bringing students to this competition for over 10 years, led by Chris McDonald, Ford ASSET Coordinator and SkillsUSA advisor. Since 2013 Delgado’s Ford ASSET students have won the SkillsUSA gold medal nine times, the silver medal three times, and the bronze medal four times. No Delgado students competed in 2020 or 2021 because of COVID.  

By winning the gold medal, Thibodeaux now qualifies to compete in the national competition in Atlanta, GA in June. McDonald says, “I am so proud of my students for just competing and I am even more pleased when they see that their hard work in the classroom pays off.”

The SkillsUSA program is designed to prepare students to enter the workforce with the knowledge and experience they need to excel, including leadership, technology, engineering, STEM and other occupational-related skills. Their annual Louisiana competition brings together students from community colleges to compete in over 100 categories of high demand skills. SkillsUSA events give students the opportunity to showcase their expertise and make valuable contacts with employers in their fields.   

Learn more about SkillsUSA competitions on their website or contact Chris McDonald

McDonald and his students at the competition

McDonald and his students (three competitors and three observers) at the Automotive Service Technology competition.

Three students competing

The three Delgado students (at the table) participating in the competition. The Automotive competition was put together with help of industry partners from around the state.

Thibodeaux receiving his gold medal

Thibodeaux receiving the gold medal at closing ceremonies