New Marketing Campaign Launches: Step Closer to Unstoppable

July 12, 2023

Starting Monday, July 10, all marketing messaging for Delgado Community College is transitioning to a new campaign focus that presents dynamic creative content and a strong, aspirational tagline: Step Closer to Unstoppable. 

Please click here to see a new video that is appearing on traditional and digital media channels. New online and outdoor ads also are appearing. These ads feature the photo shown below and dozens of other new images made at Delgado in recent months.

The tagline and creative materials were developed by Delgado’s marketing partner, the Spears Group, in cooperation with key stakeholders from around the college—especially Admissions, Recruitment and Outreach, and Academic Affairs. Delgado Communications and Marketing guided the development of the new campaign and is responsible for managing its implementation.

The work of the college’s Strategic Enrollment Management committee that developed a five-year Strategic Enrollment Management Plan for 2022-2026 provides the basis for the new marketing campaign. The SEM plan focuses on developing strategies that ensure equitable educational outcomes for our entire community. It is a data-driven plan with measurable strategies.

With the strong, aspirational tagline Step Closer to Unstoppable, we will break through the “sea of sameness” by focusing on Delgado’s core benefits and student goals and answering the question: Why Delgado?

We will show everyone that the Delgado community reflects the New Orleans region while also showcasing our college’s programs, culture, and what Delgado means for each individual. Whether it be a certification, next career step, changing careers, or just looking for alternatives to the traditional four-year route, we will tell the story of why and how Delgado can support changing the lives of prospective students. By including a variety of age ranges and races, the messaging is realistic and representative of the student body and focused on driving enrollment—our number one priority.

Thank you very much for supporting the new Step Closer to Unstoppable marketing campaign!

ad campaign photo
The new Step Closer to Unstoppable ads feature this photo and dozens of other new images made at Delgado in recent months.