Social Justice

Delgado's Social Justice Mission Statement

multicultral hands joining to form a heart in the middleConvene, encourage, and engage in dialogue among students, faculty, and staff to discuss race, social justice, and equality.


bullseye with an arrowGoal 1: Send out social justice survey.

  • Work with student groups (SGA and other organizations) as well faculty (department chairs and deans) to roll out survey.
  • Survey can be featured/promoted on Delgado's website, by email and/or in Canvas to help get the most responses.

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Goal 2: Establish social justice website/page.

  • Gather content (videos, links, resources).
  • Build site (calendar, etc.) - use survey results to ensure focal areas are covered.
  • Soft launch/test.
  • Fully rollout site to Delgado community.
  • Establish best practices for updating content (remain relevant and keep up with current events).

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Goal 3: Establish social justice related training opportunities for faculty.

  • Sensitivity training (with a particular focus on LGBTQ+)
  • Race
  • Gender (work with W.I.S.E)

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Goal 4: Develop additional student groups and/or work with existing groups (and offices) that have a social justice focus.

  • Research student groups and establish connections.
  • Establish point of contacts with all social justice related instructors/professors/staff/offices etc.

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Goal 5: Establish programming that can be launched/facilitated virtually (if needed) or in person.

  • Develop a Social Justice Book Club, Panel Discussions, Speaker Series, Documentary Series, etc. (potential for extra credit).
  • Develop list of social justice related months to tie programming around.
  • Ensure all programs are inclusive of all campuses as well as online learners.

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Goal 6: Establish best practices and/or resources for bringing social justice related topics to the classroom to foster deeper understanding.

  • Work with deans, department chairs and/or lead instructors/professors to develop resources and content to share with departments.
  • Establish ways to track what students have learned (essay contests, additional surveys, round table discussions, etc.)