Judicial Affairs

The College has the legal right and moral obligation to establish rules for academic and personal conduct and to deny admission to applicants or continued enrollment to students who do not meet/maintain these standards identified as "responsibilities" as well as other rules of the College and its departments. Counseling and/or sanctions will be imposed on students or student organizations who are found in violation of these standards. The College reserves the right to review any action taken by civil or judicial authorities regarding any Delgado student or student organization.

All students admitted to the College accept the responsibility to conform to all Delgado rules and regulations. The College will make every reasonable effort to make the rules and regulations available. Each student is responsible for becoming familiar with and abiding by them.

The College is committed to affording all students, including distance education students, the opportunity for accessibility and due process during the student judicial process. To ensure this, distance education modalities will be available at each step of the process when appropriate.

If you have a question about Judicial Affairs, email sborne@dcc.edu. If  you would like to report a possible violation, you can access the reporting form HERE

Student Code of Conduct Policy

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