Physical Therapist Assistant Admissions

The goals of the Delgado PTA Program Admissions Committee are to admit students in the PTA Program who are qualified, who will be successful in completing the program, who will become licensed Physical Therapist Assistants, and who will be effective and compassionate health care providers.

Delgado Community College is an open admissions college; however acceptance into the PTA Program is by selection only and meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission into the program.  Delgado Community College assures equal opportunity for all qualified persons without regard to race, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, marital status or veteran's status in the admission to, participation in, or employment in the programs and activities of the college.

Students interested in applying to the Delgado PTA Program should meet with Mrs. Bianca Davis, Allied Health Admissions Advisor, City Park Campus, Building 4, Room 312. Please email her at for her weekly schedule. She will review your transcripts and the Delgado PTA Program admissions process, and she will help you design your schedule to make sure you obtain the required prerequisite courses.

Application Process

Applications to the PTA Program are available in January of each year.  Students wishing to apply for admission to the PTA Program must submit a completed application to the Division of Allied Health no later than March 31 for the year in which an application is made.

Application to the PTA Program is completed only when (1) a copy of your online application, (2) at least 2 completed Documentation of Experience Forms (DOEs) submitted in separate, signed, sealed envelopes, and (3) official college transcripts from every college attended are received by the Allied Health Admissions Office. Submit your application and supporting documents (DOE forms, Official college transcripts) in a large envelope to the Allied Health Division Admissions Office. Students are responsible for making sure that their application is complete.

Application Forms


Technical Standards Questionnaire

DOE forms

Application Checklist 

Part 1 and Part 2 of the DOE forms must be submitted together in a signed/sealed envelope.  Please submit application and supporting documents (i.e., DOE forms, official college transcripts), sealed in a large envelope to the Allied Health Admissions Office.

Students are eligible to apply for admission to the PTA program who have:

  1. Completed all the prerequisite courses by the SPRING semester preceding the August starting date.
  2. Achieved a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 in all college courses, a grade of “C” or better in all prerequisite courses, and a GPA of 2.5 in science prerequisites (Biol 251, 253, 252, 254, Chem 101, Phys 101). GPAs are calculated on the basis of all courses taken, including those repeated.
  3. Completed a minimum of 60 clock hours of observation, volunteer or work experience in two different types of PT practice environments (minimum of 30 hrs. at each location) under the direct supervision of two different licensed PTs or PTAs prior to the time of application. Additional hours are strongly recommended and are included in admission calculations and decisions.
  4. Attended a mandatory PTA Admission Session and completed Written Interview. The PTA Information Sessions are held during the last 2 weeks of May. You will be notified of the date, time and location after your application packet is submitted and complete.

Program applicants should be aware that visible tattoos and body piercings (other than earrings) are not permitted in many clinical affiliates.  Upon acceptance into a program and the commencement of clinical rotations, students may be required to cover visible tattoos and remove visible piercings.

NOTE: Applicants with college credits older than 10 years should contact the Allied Health Admissions Office for advising. Delgado has a policy which addresses Academic Renewal (the act of declaring void all prior credits attempted and earned). If you are interested in information regarding Academic Renewal and the procedure to initiate this process you must contact the Delgado Admissions Office at 504-671-5018.


  • March 31 - Completed applications due.
  • Last 2 weeks of May - Information Session and Written Interview (specific date TBA).
  • Mid-June - Students notified of acceptance into PTA Program or regret.

Selection Process

The PTA Admissions Committee reviews and evaluates each application on an impartial basis. The Admissions Committee consists of the PTA Program Director, ACCE,  Faculty (full and part-time), and the Allied Health Division Admissions Advisor.

Selection to the PTA Program is based on evaluation of the total application for each qualified applicant including academic and work history, experience in physical therapy, and a writing sample.  The following criteria are used in making admission decisions for every qualified student:

  1. Admissions application;
  2. GPA for all college courses taken;
  3. GPA for prerequisite courses;
  4. GPA for prerequisite science courses;
  5. Academic readiness based on number of Ds and Fs in prerequisite courses;
  6. Documentation of Experience (DOE) Forms from two different facilities and completed by two PTs or PTAs. Score includes total number of hours, rating scale, and the recommendation by the PT or PTA. For re-applicants, any new, additional hours must be submitted using new DOE forms, and DOEs submitted from previous year(s) will be considered with the new application;
  7. Written interview completed at Information Session in late May;
  8. Credit is given to re-applicants based on what has been done to enhance the application between March 31 of the previous application year and March 31 of the current application year.  

Supplemental Information

Persons accepted into the PTA Program are required to:

  1. Complete a physical examination by a physician, provide proof of Rubella, Rubeola, Varicella, and Mumps vaccinations and titers, initiate the Hepatitis B Vaccine series, and be tested for tuberculosis prior to August admission date;
  2. Be certified in CPR as a Health Care Provider through the American Heart Association;
  3. Submit to drug test and background check at start of the Program and at random during the Program;
  4. Maintain personal health insurance;
  5. Maintain professional liability insurance;
  6. Be able to provide own transportation to clinical sites that may be out of town;
  7. Meet the technical standards of the PT profession;
  8. Have regular access to a computer and maintain an active e-mail address;
  9. Be willing to work with sick and disabled persons; be accurate, thorough, congenial, flexible, ambitious, dependable, responsible, and reliable; and abide by rules, regulations and schedules.