Polysomnographic Technology (Sleep Technology)

The Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) Program in Polysomnographic Technology at Delgado trains students to use information technology equipment and direct observation of clients in sleep laboratories to document diagnostic data to treat sleep disorders.
student trying on sleep apnea machine


  • Perform and assess sleep studies and document normal and abnormal activity 
  • Generally work at night (some daytime opportunities) 
  • Collect sleep data for physician review and patient diagnosis 


  • High school diploma/GED, pre-requisite courses, and 2.0 GPA required 
  • Students must be able to study, attend class, and perform sleep diagnostic procedures with patients at night 

The Polysomnographic Technology Program at Delgado Community College will be a limited enrollment Associate of Applied Science program. Students are expected to possess the following prerequisite competencies prior to entry in the program; eligibility for college English and Mathematics; Computer Literacy; Medical Terminology; Basic Cardiac Life Support; and General Biology. 

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