Computer Technology

Delgado offers a wide array of computer oriented programs. We strive to keep up with the latest technical trends so that our graduates are prepared with modern skill sets most sought out by industry. Students can earn Certificate of Technical Studies, Associate of Applied Science, as well as Associate of Science degrees in selected areas. Most of our programs are ATMAE accredited.

What Program to Choose?

Ask yourself the following questions...

 Do you want to design websites or perhaps the next hit video game? Are you interested in security, stopping hackers, and digital forensics? Or have you ever wanted to make the programs that run on your computers and phones?

Then you might enjoy our Computer Information Technology programs and concentrations!

Are you the one your family calls when the internet's broken or the router's acting funny? Do you thrive in setting up your internet to run smart devices? Have you ever wanted to know how the internet actually works?

Then you might fit in with our Computer Network Technology programs!

Have you heard about the Cloud and wanted to know more? Do you want a career working for or with companies like Amazon, Microsoft, or Google and their cloud-based services? Are you intrigued by managing virtual services?

Then you might thrive in our Cloud Computing programs!

 Do you enjoy problem solving with new and advancing machinery? Are you interested in the electronic systems that power our medical fields? Are you interested in repairing computers when their hardware goes bad?

Then you might enjoy our Computer and Electronics Service Technology programs!