Non-Resident Fee Eliminated for Fall Semester at Delgado

June 11, 2020

Also eliminated: the $40 application fee to register for online classes

For years, students who do not meet criteria as Louisiana residents have been assessed a “non-resident fee” when enrolling at Delgado Community College. That fee will not be charged to anyone enrolling for classes at Delgado as of the Fall 2020 semester.

How much will non-residents save as a result? About half what they were charged previously, according to the college’s most recent tuition and fee schedule.

For example, an in-state resident signing up for a full load of classes—12 credit hours or more—would pay $2,040 in tuition and fees under the current schedule. An out-of-state resident would pay $4,184.

Starting in the Fall 2020 semester, both will pay the same, smaller amount.

Delgado leaders see this as a necessary change to ensure that students living near the state border can enroll without penalty. Additionally, people moving into the state from elsewhere and their family members will be able to take classes at Delgado without paying more than current residents pay.

College leaders believe that, by easing the financial burden of enrolling as a non-resident, more people who want to study at Delgado but did not do so because of the higher tuition will be encouraged to enroll and take full advantage of the educational opportunities offered.

Non-resident tuition rates were established when Delgado received most of its operating budget from the State of Louisiana. Now that the college is financed increasingly by self-generated revenues, charging higher tuition for non-residents is considered to have an adverse effect on enrollment growth.

Also, Delgado will eliminate the $40 application fee charged to non-residents enrolling in online classes. The tuition and fee schedule for non-residents taking online classes only has been the same as for residents since 2015.

There is no application fee to enroll in on-site classes at Delgado. Now, there will be no application fee to enroll for any classes offered by the college as of Fall 2020.

Delgado Community College will celebrate 100 years of service to the New Orleans region in 2021. The oldest and largest community college in Louisiana, Delgado provides instruction online and at seven locations. Delgado offers students the most comprehensive array of education and training services available in the New Orleans region. Additionally, Delgado has articulation agreements with most of the state’s four-year colleges and universities that allow students to transfer their Delgado credits to bachelor’s degree programs. As well as offering degrees and transferable college credits, Delgado provides diplomas and certificates in many professional and technical areas. Workforce development is a priority at Delgado, hence the college’s well-known motto: “Education that works!”