What is a Certification class?

Certification classes are designed to help students earn a credential within an industry. Currently, Adult Education offers certification classes in the following industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Information Technology and Office Administration
  • Construction Trades
  • Customer Service

See below for a full table of certifications available through Adult Education.

What is a credential and why are they important?

A credential is like a certificate of completion; it means that training has been completed or a school program has been finished. A high school diploma and a college degree are examples of credentials that students earn for completing school. There are also credentials for specific careers, like a license to be a nurse or a certification to be a master welder. 

Earning credentials enables job seekers to show employers that they have the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in a position. For some types of work, certifications are required in order to be hired.

Why take a Certificaiton class?

Certification Classes help students prepare for a certification exam and build the skills needed to start a career in an industry. When a student passes the exam, they earn a nationally recognized industry-based certification. The certification can be added to a resume and used to apply for a job and/or pursue additional education.

For example, the ServSafe Manager Level Food Safety certification is recognized in the culinary and hospitality industries. Earning the certification can help students land a job in restaurants, bars, and hotels.

Do students earn college credit for Certification classes?

Yes! Students who complete a certification class and pass the exam will earn course credit when they enroll in that career pathway at Delgado.

So if a student wants to take additional classes in the field, they will already have earned college-level credit for completing the intro-level course. Simply put, a student that wants to enroll at Delgado within certain industries can save time and money by starting with a Certification class in Adult Education. 

For example, students who wish to pursue a career in Electrical, Welding, or HVAC repair can start with the Adult Education NCCER Core class. When the student earns the NCCER Core certification, they will also earn Delgado college credit for TECH 101, a required course in the Skilled Crafts Program.

What Certification classes are available?

Currently, DCCAEP offers the following certification classes:

Certification Class Topics Covered Career Pathway College Class Correlation
Basic Life Support CPR / First Aid Healthcare HESC 102
ServSafe Manager Food Safety Hospitality CULA 103
Microsoft Word 2019 Microsoft Word Information Technolgoy and Office Administration ADOT 106
NCCER Core Skilled Crafts Building trades TECH 101
Customer Service Retail Sales Business BUSG 102


Who can take Certification classes?

Classes are open to all adults in Great New Orleans. Certification Classes are college-level classes. So, students should be prepared to read, write, listen, take notes, and engage with the material at a college level.

What is the cost for Certification classes?

The classes are free. Course materials, like textbooks and exam vouchers, are required and come with a cost. The price of textbooks and exam vouchers can vary depending on where the materials are purchased.

In general, materials may cost up to $100 to for a Certification Class.

How to enroll

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