Dialysis Technician Admissions

Delgado Community College is an open admissions college; however acceptance into the Dialysis Technician course is by selection.  The Admissions Committee for the Dialysis Technician Course reviews and evaluates each application on an impartial basis.  Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission into the course.  Students wishing to apply for admission to the Dialysis Technician Course must submit a completed Dialysis Technician Course application to the Division of Allied Health NO LATER THAN JULY 10 FOR THE FALL CLASS.

Persons accepted into the Dialysis Technician Course will be required to meet the technical standards of the Dialysis Technician profession which are available for review in the Allied Health Admission Office.

Students are eligible for admission to the Dialysis Course who:

  1. Possess a high school diploma or equivalent.
  2. Score on the ACT, SAT or Delgado College Placement Test sufficient to place the student in MATH 098, English 101 or 110 and no remedial reading.  Any high school graduate who is under 25 years of age is required by state law to submit   ACT scores to the Delgado Office of Admissions in order to enroll in college courses.
  3. Possess a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 in all college courses.

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