EMT Certificate Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Emergency Medical Technician- Paramedic?

The Emergency Medical Technician  Paramedic is qualified to administer advance emergency medical care in the prehosptial setting. Working as a Paramedic on emergency medical response vehicles is a challenging, exciting and satisfying career.  Paramedics are on the front line of medical care for patients who are ill or injured.  For the individual who prefers action and variety, there is always a new experience and opportunity to contribute to their community quality of life. Skills include interpretation of electrocardiograms, defibrillation, intravenous therapy, administration of appropriate medications, endotracheal intubations, advance cardiac life support, pediatric advance life support, patient assessment and other patient care techniques.  Successful completion will make the student eligible to apply for the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician's Examination (NREMT) process.

What is the EMTE Program like at Delgado?

The EMTE Program begins in January and August of each year and consists of 12 months of formal class and practical education.

How do you apply for admission to the EMTE Program?

Delgado Community College is an open admission college; however acceptance into the EMTE Program is by selection. The Admission Committee for the EMTE Program reviews and evaluates each application on an impartial basis. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission into the program. Students wishing to apply for admission to the EMTE Program must submit a completed EMTE application to the Division of Allied Health no later than April 30 for fall and no later than October 15 for spring. Students may send e-mail to tdiaz@dcc.edu, interim program director, for any questions regarding program information.

Persons accepted into the EMTE Program will be required to meet the technical standards of the EMT profession which are available for review it the Allied Health Admissions Office.

When should you apply for admission to the EMTE Paramedic Program?

Students are eligible for admission to the EMTE program who:

  1. Possess a high school diploma or equivalent.
  2. Score on the ACT, SAT or Delgado College Placement Test sufficient to place the student AT Math 096, Engl. 101 and not at remedial reading level.
  3. Successfully complete (Biol. 161 and Biol. 163 Intro to Anatomy and Physiology.)
  4. Achieved a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 in all college courses.
  5. Must be currently Louisiana State Licensed, Nationally Registered EMT- Basic or Intermediate.

Note: Science courses over 10 years old may require repetition. Check with Allied Health Admissions Advisor.

What are the career opportunities for an Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic?

Emergency Medical Services is a dynamic field with numerous opportunities for qualified Emergency Medical Technician  Paramedics. The job market is wide open for qualified Paramedics. Governmental and private emergency medical services, industrial safety services and other emergency responders need many more paramedics than are available for employment.
How do you find out if courses you have taken at other schools will transfer to Delgado?

To find out if courses you have taken will transfer to Delgado call (504) 671-6203 check with an Allied Health Advisor to have your transcripts evaluated.

Official Program Description in the College Catalog