Honors Course List

SUMMER 2023 Honors Courses

We do not normally offer honors courses during the summer. It is still possible for students to use the Honors Option Contract.


(Summer deadline is June 15, 2023)

The Honors Option allows students to earn honors credit in courses not specifically designated as “Honors.” It is activated when a student and instructor draw up an agreement specifying work the student should do to earn honors credit. The student, instructor, and honors director sign the contract, and, upon successful completion, the student receives an “Honors” designation on his or her transcript.

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FALL 2023 Honors Courses

List is not yet complete - Check back for updates.

(Fall deadline for Honors Option Contracts is September 22, 2023)


College Algebra - MATH 130 and Trigonometry - MATH 131 - ALL SECTIONS
If you meet the criteria for the Honors Program, see your instructor about an Honors Option Contract.


English Composition II -- Honors – CRN 23714 - ENGL 102 - WRI
ONLINE Andrew Gibbs

English Composition I and Literature Courses - Consult with instructors about an Honors Option Contract.


Structure of Western Thought: Ancient Greece  -- Honors – CRN 11127 - HUMA 150 – WR1
ONLINE Steven Edwards


Jazz Appreciation -- Honors - 10867 - MUSC 137 - WR1 
ONLINE TBA Steven Edwards


Gen Microbiology - Honors - 23179 - BIOL 210 – VR1
MWF 10:00 am - 10:50 am Habib Ansari

Gen Microbiology Lab (Science Majors) -- Honors - 23192 - BIOL 212 – VR1 
W 11:00 am - 1:59 pm Habib Ansari

Human Anatomy & Physiology I - Varies - BIOL 251 CONTRACT
Various times and sections     Amzad Chowdhury (see instructor for details)

General Biology I Lab (Science Majors) - Varies - BIOL 143 CONTRACT
Various times and sections     Annie Mader (see instructor for details)


Consult with instructors about an Honors Option Contract.