Care and Development of Young Children (CDYC)

Why study CDYC at Delgado?

Do you…

Love to work with children?
Dream of opening your own child care business?
Enjoy teaching others through fun and play?

Delgado Community College’s Associate of Applied Science in Care and Development of Young Children (CDYC) is designed to prepare students for the workforce and occupations in careers working with young children.

  • Graduates will be prepared and eligible to
  • Open their own childcare centers in Louisiana
  • Serve as childcare providers
  • Serve as directors of licensed centers
  • Work in/direct quality child care programs such as Head Start
  • Continue higher education in chosen fields

The program has a strong community connection and is a liaison with several childcare directors in the field. Our program:

  • Forged partnerships with local public and private school systems at the parish and state level.
  • Works closely with head starts at the federal level to ensure that their employees they have a quality education that fits their needs while fulfilling new state guidelines (CLASS training through CDA classes and integration of subject matter with our CDYC courses)
  • BESE approved Early Childhood Ancillary Certificate Program
  • Was officially changed from Early Childhood Education (ECED) to our current program name Care and Development of Young Children (CDYC) and has been accredited since 2006-07 Academic Year.
  • Program has articulation agreements with SUNO and Holy Cross

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group of students at a table with teacherProgram Offerings

Associate of Applied Science in Care and Development of Young Children (CDYC)

The Associate of Applied Science degree (A.A.S.) in CDYC provides a learning-centered environment in which to prepare students from diverse backgrounds to attain their educational and career goals in the area of working developmentally appropriately with young children and families.

program information

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Early Childhood Ancillary Certificate Program

Program is a BESE-Approved Early Childhood Ancillary Certificate Program that combines online courses with in-class mentoring-coaching for each participant in three concurrent semesters.

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Continuing Education

The TCAs associated with this program are Child Development Associate (CDA) Preparation and Renewal.

Teachers in possession of Louisiana teacher certification and who seek “add-on” certification in Early Childhood (Pre-Kindergarten to Third Grade) should contact the State Department of Education to determine specific CDYC courses to complete at Delgado.