CDYC Associate Degree

Mission Statement

Delgado’s Care & Development of Young Children program provides our students with the fundamental curriculum they will need to begin a lifelong career in the care and development of young children. Our program emphasizes excellence in teaching, service to the community, and creating a loving and caring environment in which children thrive.

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Program Outcomes

Associate of Applied Science in Care and Development of Young Children
Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the CDYC program will be able to:

  • Promote child development and learning (NAEYC Standard 1)
  • Build family and community relationships (NAEYC Standard 2)
  • Observe, document, and assess to support young children and families (NAEYC Standard 3)
  • Use developmentally effective approaches (NAEYC Standard 4)
  • Apply content knowledge to build meaningful curriculum (NAEYC Standard 5)
  • Exhibit professionalism in the field of early childhood (NAEYC Standard 6)

For program effectiveness data, please see the CDYC Employment and Graduation Data page.

Career Opportunities

Students in our program range from 18 (right out of high school) to older (students returning to school later in life).  There were 35 graduates from the program for the 2018-2019 Academic year.  Graduates will be prepared and eligible for the following:

  • Opening licensed childcare centers
  • Serving as childcare providers and directors of licensed centers
  • Working in quality childcare programs (Head Start, Early Start)
  • Job titles would include: Paraprofessionals, Teacher Assistants, Lead Teachers, Director of a licensed center, and Owner of a childcare center
  • Starting pay of $26,970 according to Louisiana Bureau of Labor Statistics